Review: Creative Discovery Museum.

Not many places can hold the attention of my three kids: ages 8, 11, and 12.   Well that has all changed.  This weekend, my husband and I decided last minute (literally) to go to Chattanooga for the day.  But let’s just pack some clothes, just in case kind of trip.    We had many adventures, but let me first tell you about the last one we did.
We went to the Creative Discovery Museum.   We were guests of the museum, but my opinion is my own.
Right when you walk into the museum, you know it’s going to be special.   There is spot outside, that you step into and pull up bubble solution all around you.  
Creative Discovery Museum.
Once you walk in you are greeted by water tables.  But these are not any ordinary water tables, there is lessons being taught.   Above the tables, there is a climbing apparatus.   Parents, there is a level you can be at, just take the stair case not the winding stairs like I did.
 Creative Discovery Museum.
After you convince your kids to leave the area, you go into a roller coaster area.   To the left is this magical room.  
Creative Discovery Museum.
Go back through the roller coaster area and you are brought into the lobby.   From here, you can go anywhere: Art, music, toddler area, dinosaur dig, science, and the traveling exhibit: Heart and Seoul: Growing Up in Korea.

You can draw like the masters, sculpt, create digital masterpieces, produce short films, print making, rubbings, and engrave letters into the sculptures.  

The music room, you record music, act in a play, dance, play and feel different instruments, listen to different sounds, learn the different families of an orchestra, and put on a puppet show.
Creative Discovery Museum.
Then we were off to the geological dig.  As soon as you enter you see a map of the United States.   Once inside you can actually be part of an archaeological dig.  Just take off your shoes and grab a tool and start looking for dinosaur bones.  Also in this area, you can go to the trader and trade in your specimens of the US.  You can trade seashells, rocks, sand from beaches, etc.   There is a cave where you can go through and see real life animals like cockroaches, and snakes.  Don’t worry they are behind glass.
Creative Discovery Museum.
Before you go up the stairs, you are see a Doctor area.  My youngest was trying to give my son a shot.  Didn’t go well.  
Creative Discovery Museum. Creative Discovery Museum.
We went up the stairs where the travelling exhibit is located.  The exhibit was Seoul: Growing up in Korea.   We learned all about everything from food, school, clothing, activities, social time, and games.
Creative Discovery Museum.

Once you left Korea, you entered into a beehive area, where you can dress up a Bee and go into a beehive.  

After you leave here, you can climb into the tower.  Here, you can see all of Chattanooga, my daughter was very scared being this high up.

In a different area on the second floor, you can go outside and play chess, swing, and just have fun.   Outside they are teaching the kids about gardening.  There are different herbs, vegetables, and fruits that you can see grow.
Creative Discovery Museum.
My kids did not want to leave.  We actually were one of the last visitors out of the museum after closing.  I highly recommend the Creative Discovery Museum.
Adult (ages 16+)Child (Ages 2 – 15)
Members FREE!
General Admission$13.95
Military Price with ID$9.95
Law Enforcement outside of Chattanooga (with ID)$9.95

Show your Aquarium ticket stub discount$11.95

The Creative Discovery Museum is located at 321 Chestnut St, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

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