About Me

Hi.  I am Diana.  I have three kids as my blog title states.

My son (E) was born in December of 2003.  He loves anything a typical boy his age likes.  E loves to play sports especially  baseball and basketball.   E loves computer games, Walking Dead, and History.


My oldest daughter (S) was born in March of 2005, I have nicknamed her Jumping Jellybean.  Why walk, when you can jump or do cartwheels?  S loves cheerleading.  Anything girly.  But LOVES zip lining too.


My baby (B) was born in November of 2007.  My youngest daughter LOVES Barbie’s, and Shopkins.  She is not as adventurous as her older sister.  But loves to roll in the mud.

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We also have three pets; Beanie Buddy (Cat).  Beanie HATES people, loves me.  She is 16 going on 2.   Scrappy Doo (Cat) is a vicious assassin to chipmunks, birds, or any cute furry little animal.   Scooby Doo is an overweight Beagle.

My husband Eric and I have been married since August 2000.


I have had multiple miscarriages and an adoption loss trying to get my kids here.  I also had Gastric Sleeve surgery in May of 2015.  Unfortunately, I have been of the Motherless Daughters club since 1984.

That’s me in a Nutshell, feel free to ask any questions or drop me a note.