Beauty and Beast at the Fox till February 7

As a young Mom of a new baby girl, I wanted my daughter to love the Disney Princess line as much as I did as a child.   So, I introduced her to all of the greats, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, etc.   My oldest daughter fell in love with Belle almost immediately.


This past Tuesday, we were invited to see Beauty and the Beast at the Fox as guests.  My opinions as always are my own.


Beauty and the Beast exceeded our expectations.  The sets were extraordinary.   The music was mesmerizing.   There was laughter, body slapstick, as well as romance and love.


I was wondering how they were going to do the “Be my Guest” scene.  Or how they were going to transform the Man into a Beast and vice versa.   Well of course there was Disney Magic.    I was awed and amazed by it.


My daughter’s favorite part was when Belle was staring with a blank expression on her face during the Something There scene. I loved how the Beast struggled to say, “Please”.    I also loved when the Beast threw a full-fledged temper tantrum.   Watching the kids’ in the audience reaction during the scene was amusing as well.


Chip was absolutely adorable.   The silly girls from the town were hysterical.  Madame de la Grande Bouche was absolutely hilarious.  Gaston was an over egoistical man.  Just perfect.


Beauty and the Beast will be playing at the Fox till February 7.    Tickets for “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” start at $33.50 and are available at by visiting HERE, calling 855.285.8499 or visiting the Fox Theatre Box Office.


Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Atlanta is hosting a book drive to benefit Everybody Wins, a local nonprofit dedicated to furthering education and improving literacy for underprivileged children.  Throughout the week, patrons can drop new and gently used books in the donation bin located near the Broadway in Atlanta display table.

Photos provided by Brave PR Atlanta.

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