Christmas Crisis Solved

Originally posted on December 24, 2015

I am Jewish.  My Mom and Dad were both Jewish.  My husband was Christened.   His Mother and Biological father were Protestant.  His Adoptive Father was Jewish.  So when my husband and I got together, we decided to raise our kids Jewish.  However, we were going to honor his parents by celebrating Christmas.   So Santa, comes to our house.  He always brings the same thing: pajamas, books (from the school book fair), DVDs, and usually a family gift.

Imagine, your bed is full of wrapped and unwrapped presents from Santa.   In walks your child who believes.   (I had told my husband not to let her come upstairs, but that is another post).   She sees all of the wrapped presents on the floor and the wrapping paper ready to wrap the remaining presents on the bed.  What do you do besides say, “Get out of here”.

My daughter leaves the room crying.  There was yelling by me to get her out of the room.  My brilliant older kids (who know the secret) are comforting her.   And it’s up to debate which child said it, but they came up with the idea that Santa sends the Mommy and Daddy’s in the world presents to wrap because he doesn’t have time.   ABSOLUTELY BRILLANT!!   She buys it.   Crisis Solved.

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