Lake Lanier – Winter Adventure till February 15, 2016

Winter Adventure is a fun adventure for all children, teens, and family.  This is a snow-packed playland that includes building a snowman, fast tubing, and thrilling sledding.  Winter Adventure is a great adventure that will keep any given family a day worth of fun.  Lake Lanier Islands is known for it’s summer landscape but is transformed to a winter wonderland from December through February.  Also, there is a large Spectacular Screen where movies are being shown.  This is a great place for any outdoor winter activity.
The two newest attractions are Bubble Skating and Knockerball.  When Bubble Skating, you can glide across a synthetic rink while having a bubble party.  The Knockerball Court is at Sunset Cove, this is a soccer game that is played where the players are wearing a giant inflatable ball.
Winter Adventure at Lake Lanier Islands was super fun!  It features eleven rides that include various slides, zip line, and snow games.  We went in the Adventure Zone where we slid in a tube down a tubing slide as fast as a speeding bullet.  The next ride we went on was Double Down, which we rode on a sled downhill. This ride is cautious of people getting hurt, the number one rule is to wear a helmet. This ride may be bumpy but it’s extremely fast!
Then, we went on Thunderbolt Triple Zips which is a three lane zipline over the waters of Lake Lanier heading straight towards Double Down and the Spectacular Screen. The number one rule is not to go upside down. 12540913_10208295662736775_9129061273851954899_n
Lastly, we went to play Knockerball, which is a game where you’re inside an inflated bubble ball. You bump into other participants and try to play soccer.  While you are there, you get to see movies played on the Spectacular Screen.  We saw Minions and Ratatouille.  For more family run, there is also Bubble Skating, Intimidator and Triple Threat Slides, and CAT4 Tube Slide.
I recommend this for a nice day of family fun!  Click HERE to get tickets! 12552718_10208295662496769_674558992897065268_n
Photo Credit- Eric Cole, S Cole, and Lake Lanier

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