Please meet Local Hero – Detective Patrick Apoian

The other day I met a very amazing man named Patrick Apoian at the Kung Fun Panda 3 preview. 
Patrick Apoian is a detective with the Atlanta Police Department.   Back in 2011, Pat was involved in a horrific incident.   There was a call over his police phone, there was a stolen cell phone.   He saw the suspect and went to question him, but the suspect ran off and got into his car.  Detective Apoian followed him, and grabbed the car door.   The suspect didn’t care and ran over the Detective.    Instead of calling 911, he called and asked to speak to his 7-year-old son to say goodbye.   His wife called 911 when he was saying his goodbyes.   He was wheeled into the emergency room where the Doctor told Pat he Crushed his foot, tore his foot off, broke shin bone, broke pelvis in 3 places, severed spinal cord in 2 places, tore right shoulder, among other things.   Detective Apoian was a complete mess.   He had 3 and half years of intense physical therapy.   
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When I met Detective Apoian the one word that came to my mind was amazing.  He has suffered so much.  But all he wants to do is give!   He wants to help coach children, build kids up, and help other fallen officers and families.  He is just an amazing guy.     
Humble Heroes has helped about 12 people and their families. It has expanded to include collection drives for toys, such as an event this past Easter that netted 22 giant boxes of toys for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
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If you wish to find out how you can help Pat and Humble Heroes, please follow his Facebook page.
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If you wish to read more about Detective Pat Apoian, please read the AJC article and the Patch’s article.
Photos Courtsey of Detective Pat Apoian.

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    1. This is a perfect story for this guy.Apoian is am amazing man with a big heart, he helped me when I got hurt and I will always be great full Apo keep up the great work you are truly amazing brother in blue

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