Review Beauty and The Beast at the Center of Puppetry Arts through May 24

Over the weekend my mother and I went to the Center For Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.   We were given complimentary passes to see Beauty and the Beast, my opinions are my own though.
Beauty and the Beast - CPA
This show has everything the classic Beauty and The Beast has with a little bit more! This funny, romantic, and modern tale will keep you on your feet.   Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney film.  I liked how this version had an unusual twist.   It was a bit different taking place what seemed to be an inner city.  Beauty saw the inner good of everyone.    The puppets were made out of normal every household items, such as a mop and umbrella.

Beauty and the Beast - CPA
The Center for Puppetry Arts website said “In this fun and funky adaptation of the classic tale, trash is turned into treasure and true love prevails in a modern day city complete with alley cats, beauty shops, and exercise videos.” Which is an accurate statement.
Beauty and the Beast - CPA
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Photo Credit Kathryn Kolb

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