Review: Bond Intelligent Care

Nobody likes when their kids get sick.   I know when my kids were younger, if one got sick I had to drag the other two to the Doctor.  And guess what?  The other two got sick soon after.  Never ending cycle.

I heard about Bond.  It’s like in an urgent care as an app. I was given a complimentary exam for my child, but my opinions are mine.

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My son (age 12) had flu like symptoms: Chills, Throat hurts, Stuffy nose, Fever of 102, and ear hurts.  So we got on the Bond App, put in our credit card information ($100 per call and they are HSA/FSA & Telemedicine approved) and within minutes we were connected with Dr. Waller.

Dr. Waller asked my son, what his symptoms were.   And asked him to turn the phone around so he could look at his throat.   My son was not able to see the inside of his throat, but I was able to see it.  Very cool.

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Dr. Waller told my son to alternate Tylenol and Motrin.  Drink plenty of fluids and eat when he was hungry.  Dr. Wallace prescribed Tamiflu.  He asked what pharmacy we were and then they texted me to verify the information.   They also texted me to say that the prescription was sent over.

If you’re in the city of Atlanta your prescription will be delivered to you for free.   And other good news, when you use the app, and enter MacKidSS, you will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Please go HERE to get more information about Bond.

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