Review Finding Dory swims into theaters on Friday, June 17

A few years ago, we were introduced to a story of a clown fish, named Nemo.   There was a character is Finding Nemo, that stole the movie.   That of course was Dory.


Dory had short term memory loss.   That is what makes her more loveable in my opinion.   When I was given complimentary movie screening in exchange for a review, it caused a huge fight in my home.  My son (12), and daughters (11 and 8) all wanted to see it.   My son who had a love for Nemo as a young child got to see it with me
First there was a short of a Mom and her baby bird.  The baby wanted her Mom to get her food.  However, the Mom wanted the baby to spread her wings and get her own food.   After a few disasters, the baby prevailed.  There were so many lessons in the short and I gladly shared with my tween son.
Then Dory came.   There was a lot of flashbacks to Dory and her childhood.   There were a few flashbacks to the original movie as well.  Do you need to see Finding Nemo to understand Finding Dory?  No.   You will though laugh, cry, and cheer.
The story is simply that Dory recalls that she has a family.  And she wants to find them.   The movie is about the adventures that Dory, Nemo, and Marlin take to find her beloved parents.
There are no words to describe how awesome Ellen DeGeneres is.   You just want to cuddle Dory up and protect her from the world.  But you know you have to let her swim and find her way.   Ed O’Neil as Hank.   I think there is another movie with Hank. He is absolutely hysterical.   My favorite are the sea lions on the rock and the cuddle otters.
The movie like the short teaches so many lessons in a way kids can understand.   

I will be going back to see Finding Dory with my girls.  My son said he wants to see it again and again.


You need to wait to the end of the credits.  There is a more at the end!


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