Review – High Point Climbing.

Continuing with my Chattanooga reviews, we also went to High Point Climbing.

I am not into rock climbing at all, but was awed by the surroundings.   My family was given complimentary admission to High Point Climbing in exchange for this review.  As always, my opinions are my own.

When you first walk into High Point Climbing you must sign a waiver, even if you are just an observer.   After you get fitted into your harness, you are given a tour and an orientation to the gym.   There is a two-point harness system for beginners.   Basically you have two clips attached to your harness for each climb.
High Point Climbing
As soon as you enter the building there are 2 walls you automatically see. The speed walls, which you race on. The lead walls are where use you a rope as opposed to the latch system.   This area you either need to be tested into, or be a member of the gym.   There is also two of these Latch systems in the lead wall area.
High Point Climbing
Outside there is called the block.   Here you are at least 3 stories up from the street, and you can climb up a wall outside.   My daughter, the dare devil said that she would had done it if it was during the day.  She didn’t feel comfortable doing at night.  But rest assured, it is very well lit at night.
High Point Climbing
The kid center, where we spent our most time, (of course!) had several things to do.  These include a climbing race, free climb, be a firefighter, a climbing maze, an apartment building, and fun walls like Halloween and Giraffe themes.  My Kids loved this area.  I could see their personalities really here.  My son was timid.   He would climb about ½ way up and call it a day.   My eldest daughter is my dare devil.  She climbed and got to the top of everything.   Nothing was too high for her.   My youngest daughter was very nervous.  She would take about four steps up and call it a day.   She wanted nothing to do with it.
High Point Climbing
High Point Climbing
This is a great place to go to release energy.   The kids were exhausted after climbing the walls.   One thing I also loved about High Point Climbing is that once you pay you can come back all day.   So you can go to the Children’s Museum, Aquarium, or get a bite to eat and come back.
High Point Climbing
The fees are as follows.
Gear Package$5
Chalk Bag$2
Belay Device$1
Child 10 & Under /Personnel/Senior$13
High Point Climbing
High Point Climbing is located at 219 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402.

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