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SlingshotMy children and I went to Slingshot Entertainment over spring break.  We were given complimentary passes to Slingshot.  As always, my opinion is my own though.
When you first walk into Slingshot, the first thing you do is sign a waiver.   Then you need to go the registration desk.  
Once you do the administration work, you can go play.   At first we saw the Race-Track.   My family did not get a chance to race but It looked fun!   We will go back another day.
The first thing we did was go bowling. At first we were not sure how to turn on bumpers but after a while we asked the clerk and they turned it on. The bowling at Slingshot is different than most other places. You hop on to a tablet and state your name and you can change the theme and take a photo to be displayed on the screen as you bowl. My children had fun messing around changing their names.
We also participated on the Largest Indoor Ninja Obstacle Course in the United States.   My son went on the Ninja and did the course (He fell a lot). There were many cool obstacles to do such as the “Peg Board” where you grab 2 pegs and climb up the wall. There is also a slide that anyone’ can slide down While he did that my daughters went on Ninja Jr. (the maximum height is 56 in.) My eldest daughter finished the course in about 25 minutes’ tops. My youngest daughter kept on falling on most of the obstacles
SlingShot  SlingShot
The third thing we did was the Kangaroo and Kangaroo Jr. which was an air pillow which is like a trampoline. The rules are:
  • Shoes are required while jumping
  • Check shoes are clear of debris before jumping
  • Empty pockets
  • No double bouncing
  • No sitting or lying down
  • No flips or tumbling
The Kangaroo Jr. is for 10 and under while Kangaroo is for 10 and up.
My children also went on the Tri-Level Kids Mega Play Arena. The large Playground had a variety of things to do from a maze to swings my eldest pushed my youngest for about 30 minutes on the swing. In the Playground there is many stories where there are many different things to do. Such as climb through the elastic.
SlingShot  SlingShot
I will tell you my heart sang.   There was an arcade and there were one or two children playing there.  The kids would rather play on Ninja, Kangaroo, or the playground.  
Slingshot is a great place for all ages to play.   If you need to exhaust your children, this is the place to go!

Slingshot Entertainment is located at 6344 Cash Ct NW, Norcross, GA 30071

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