Review: Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. 4119 Cromwell Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421

Embarrassing post, not for me but my son.    When my son was little, we would plan our vacations around Day Out with Thomas.  I know there are others out there like me.
We recently had an opportunity to go to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.   We were given a complimentary train ride in exchange for this review.  My opinion as always are my own.
Tennessee Railroad Valley.
We started off by going on the train and the train conductor punched our card.   We were off.   The conductor gave us the history of the railroad and the surrounding area.  We even got to go through a tunnel.
Tennessee Railroad Valley.

After about three miles, we stopped and debarked the train.  Here we witnessed a train go on the turntable.   Basically, think of a record player that spins.  But here a train turns around.   SO COOL.

We then got to see the Back shop where they restore trains.
Tennessee Railroad Valley.
We then went back onto the train and went back to the station.  My kids, my husband, and I loved the ride.  My kids thought it was very enjoyable and reminded them of when they were younger. My husband and I loved the turntable.  We had never seen anything like it before.
Tennessee Railroad Valley.
Tickets are $17 adults; $11 children (age 2-12) Please see website for departure times.

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