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I have to admit something.  I am an awful housekeeper.   I never got the gene.   I did get the cooking (not baking) gene.   So I love Housekeeping days.   I was given a housekeeping cleaning in exchange for my review.  My opinions are my own.

My mother was a great housekeeper.  She kept the house clean and shiny at all times.  Same with my grandmother.   After my Mom died, my Dad hired au pairs and I never learned.  When he got married to my current step-mom, my friends and I affectionally called the house the hospital or museum.   When my kids and I go back to New Jersey to visit, she blocks rooms off and put towels on furniture to protect my kids from destroying things.   So you understand why I hate housecleaning.

Any Room 2

I used WellKept after reading Buckhead – Midtown – Brookhaven Macaroni Kid and Smyrna Vinings Marietta Macaroni Kid. I was impressed.  After reading the article, I paid for them to come for Thanksgiving.  The man was here from 9 am to 8pm.   My house sparkled.   What he did with my shower was pure magical.   My oven my friend said looked brand new inside.   In his defense, he was by himself.   So what was a 4-hour job with two people took 8 hours by himself.

Going on their site to order service, is so easy.  First, you link the site to your Facebook page.  And then you decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want cleaned.  Your kitchen, living rooms, and dining rooms are included.   Next ,you decide what extras you want: Inside Kitchen Cabinets, Inside Bathroom Cabinets, and my two favorites Inside Oven, and Inside Refrigerator.   Finally, you decide how often you want your house cleaned.  You then add all your pertinent information, like address, email, and then of course payment.  You decide on the date and time that Well Kept will arrive.  They then send you a confirmation email.   Then you wait blissfully till WellKept Day.


I jumped at the chance to do a review, Estelle and Abby showed up right at time.  I apologized to them.  My kids (apparently didn’t get the gene either) left their rooms a mess.  In my defense, I did ask them to clean it up, but I was sick in bed the day before Well Kept arrived.   I am still sick in bed today as I write this review.

Estelle and Abby asked me a few questions.  They asked for garbage bags but other than that, brought their own supplies.  They worked diligently and quickly.   Guess what at the end of the day, the house sparkled once again.   My oven look brand new.   My shower was magical.   My kids’ rooms were clean.   The sheets were changed.   Floors were mopped and magically I only had to type a few fingers to get it done.


The two of them were done by 2pm.   I am happy because I have a clean house and am recovering from the flu.   Go on WellKept’s website  and get your house cleaned too.

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