Skin Removal Consult

Originally posted on January 11,2016

Today was a big day in my gastric surgery life.   I made the decision to have a consult for skin removal.   I went to the DR this morning and I am definitely a candidate.   I will share the before pictures with you after the surgery is over.  But for now, the doctor is guesstimating I have over 10 pounds of extra skin on my belly.

This is a very negative post of my body.  I do feel this way.  But I know its temporary because of my gastric sleeve surgery.

I know I have some more weight to lose.   Currently I am about a size 16 in pants.  The Doctor asked me where I wanted to be in regards to weight.   I have never believed in numbers.   I wanted to be a size 10-14.   I have no desire to be an 8 or 6. (Okay, a little desire… but I am reasonable) I want to be healthy.   I want to pick up a dress off the rack and not worry about the 10 pounds of just skin just flying in the wind.

The Doctor mentioned my legs.  There is a lot of extra skin there too.   To me they look like elephant legs.   So hopefully they will be fixed too.

My arms look like Grandma arms.   Loads of extra skin.  It is so bad when I use a machine at the gym, I can hear my arms flapping in the wind.

The Doctor did state my breasts were not that big.   I was taken back by that.  It would be beneficial that I get a lift eventually.

I know I am being so self-critical.  But I lost over 115 pounds and I knew that they were going to have lots of extra skin, But not that much.

So today, at the Doctors apt.  I had to wear what looked like a loin cloth to cover my privates.   Wanda (very sweet lady) took me into a room where I disrobed and took lots of pictures of me.   These pictures were from the neck down so, no you can’t tell it’s me.   Very humbling experienced, let me tell you.

So now, I wait to see how much insurance will cover.   In the meantime, it’s time to work out more!!

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