SPACE at the Center for Puppetry Arts till March 10

This past weekend, my daughter and I were guests to see Space!  At the Center for Puppetry Arts.   My opinion is my own.

“People of Earth, prepare to be amazed! Blast off with an alien rock-n-roll band on a galactic journey of discovery. Learn out-of-this-world facts about planets, stars and meteors, gaze at Saturn’s rings with Galileo, and rock out on the asteroid belt. This original musical is a fun-filled exploration of the final frontier!”
The show starts off with a rock concert setting.  All the Mom’s say “Hey”.   The space ship lands on Earth.  We are introduced to the Mechanic: Ot, Pilot: Eema.   They then beam us up to the Solar System.   Here we are introduced to all the planets.  Sir Newton talks about gravity and he lets us know how much we weigh on each planet.    Afterwards we go to the outer planets and learn about Saturn, Venus, and Pluto.   We also visited the asteroids.
The concert was amazing.  The songs were fun and educational.  My 8-year-old daughter was telling me what planet was coming next.   All of the kids looked like they were having an amazing time.    Don’t tell any of them that they were learning!
Space! will be at the Center for Puppetry Arts till March 10.  You can purchase discounted tickets HERE.
Afterwards we went upstairs and made a glow in the dark alien.
Space puppet_small
Do not forget to save time to explore the new World of Puppetry Museum.
Photos by Clay Walker
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