Stone Mountain Park Spring Break Fun

One of my favorite places in Atlanta is Stone Mountain Park.  This past week, my children were guests of the Park for the purpose of this review.   My opinions though as always are my own.
First, let me say the Customer Service at Stone Mountain is beyond amazing.  Before we walked in, I introduced myself as Sandy Springs Macaroni Kid and they removed me from the line and gave my family and I passes right there.
Stone Mountain Park Spring Break
We went to the Camp Highland post first.   There are a few things new, we had to reserve a time for the rope course.   My kids and I liked this SO much better.   Yes, they had to wait in line to do the course but, it went by so quickly.   While we were waiting for our designated time, we visited the Geyser Towers.   Yes, you will get wet.  But since it was Spring Break, I didn’t want the kids to get wet.   The attendant will tell you where to go to avoid getting wet.

We went back to Camp Highland because our time was coming close to climb.  We noticed there was a beach area with a stream running through it.   My avoidance of getting the kids wet came to a dismissal end.  They at least took their socks and shoes off.  My eight-year-old in true fashion was SOAKED!   Stone Mountain Park Spring Break

It was time for the climb.  My eight-year-old and I didn’t do the ropes.   My eleven and twelve-year-old did though.  We were worried that my eleven-year-old needed a parent to go on with her, but she was fine.   The older kids got roped in and then tethered to the line.  Stone Mountain Park Spring Break
 Then they were off to the course.   If they needed help, the professional climbers were there to help them in a second.   My eight-year-old wanted to climb on the mini course, I think she ran through it like 50 times.  

After we left the course, we had an appetite.   We love the Marketplace.  There is something for everyone.   Chicken Nuggets, Pizza, Cheeseburger, Salad, or Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  We were all happy.

We then went on the train.  We learned so much about Stone Mountain, that even my eight-year-old said she felt like she was in school.

For Spring Break, Stone Mountain has three new things.  They are having laser tag but with a twist.   It’s a birthday party.   My favorite by far though was the Great American Duck Race.   I LOVE Ducks.   They actually have ducks from New Mexico that are bred to race.   My son was one of the lucky ones to race a duck.   Unfortunately, his duck lost, but he loved every moment of it.
Stone Mountain Park Spring Break 
Stone Mountain Park Spring Break
After we saw the Ducks, we noticed there was a new store called the Yellow Daisy Craft Market.  It is like the Yellow Daisy Festival all year round.   There was beautiful crafts, jewelry, home decor, etc. Danger, Danger.
Stone Mountain Park Spring Break
Going to Stone Mountain is not complete until you go up the Mountain. The views from the Mountain are absolutely beautiful.
Stone Mountain Park Spring Break
My kids were exhausted and didn’t want to see the Laser Show.

You can purchase tickets HERE.  

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