Originally posted on December 11, 2015


My name is Diana.  You might know me from Macaroni Kid.   Don’t worry, I am still doing Macaroni Kid.  But I wanted to express my opinion in other venues.  So here I am.

A little about me.   I am 40 + (how did I get so old)?  I grew up in North Jersey with my Dad and brother.  My mother passed away when I was 10.   I went to West Virginia University and graduated in 1996.

I have been married to Eric since 2000.  We met online in a Chat room.  Yes, people did meet in chat rooms =).   After multiple miscarriages and an adoption loss, we welcomed our son (E) in December of 2003.   Less than 7 months later, I discovered I was pregnant yet again.   In November (2004), my husband’s company moved us to Charleston SC.  In March of 2005, we welcome our daughter (S).   My son and daughter are 15 months and 4 days apart.   I don’t remember much from the toddler years.     We were not trying to prevent another pregnancy and I was surprised to get pregnant yet again.   Unfortunately, that baby was not meant to be and I lost him / her.  We then welcomed our third and final child, a girl (B) in November of 2007.   We had three kids forty-seven months apart.   Wherever we go, there is a party.

Medically, my monthly friend was aggressive to say the least.  And I couldn’t leave the house during the time.  I had an ablation.  One of the BEST surgeries I ever had.

We were not fans of Charleston, and I pushed real hard to move.  In June 2010, we moved to Atlanta where we are now.

We moved to Atlanta, when my son was entering first grade, my daughter was entering Kindergarten and my baby was 2.5.   They have grown up here.   E is a typical 12-year-old boy.  He loves sports, and video games.   S is 10.   She loves animals, friends, Shopping, and cheerleading.  B also loves everything her big sister does, except for cheerleading, plus Barbie’s, and Shopkins.

I decided in 2015 to drastically fight the battle of the bulge and decided to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery.    I was on over 100 units per day of insulin and that was incredibly scary.  I am down 115 pounds and need 40 more pounds to goal

So that is me in a nutshell.   I cannot wait to get to know you all better.

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